Armor is a coating originally developed for the military that has been recently introduced to the golfing world by LABWORX. Armor is not powder coat, like what is being used by competitors on their custom putters. Powder coat is thick (80 microns), shiny, adds weight, and greatly affects feel.

New for 2016, Gen 5 Armor.  Gen 5 Armor is an ultra thin (8 microns) coating that allows feel to be completely unchanged. It's non-glare finish which features high abrasion, impact, and corrosion resistance properties; It's ARMOR..

Our new Gen 5s Armor was designed specifically for metal woods and their delicate components.  Gen 5s is offered in all Gen 5 colors listed below.

Gen 5 colors:

  • Devils Black- matte black with a touch of gray
  • Lux Black- satin black with a hint of chrome
  • Hammered Gray- matte dark metallic gray
  • White Lightning- smooth matte white
  • Spartan Red- matte true red
  • Lone Star Blue- matte royal blue
  • Cadet Gray- matte medium battleship gray
  • Delta Green- matte military green
  • Aged Gold- satin tarnished metallic gold
  • Champagne- satin light silvery gold mist
  • Silver Bullet- deep metallic silver
  • Hi Life Gold- subtle hued metallic gold

Shaft Colors

  • Devils Black
  • White Lightning
  • Silver Bullet

For custom mixed colors please send us an email.

Matte Raw

Developed by LABWORX during the preparation process for armor, matte raw reaches the pinnacle of ultra low glare finish. Matte raw can only be applied to stainless steel as it is not a coating, but an etching process that leaves the bare metal exposed. It will not affect feel or weight in any way but will give the metal a slightly darker appearance as less light is reflected. Matte raw is a stunning, yet simple finish.


Stamping is limited to putters that have 2 opposite flat sides (i.e. Newport & Answer style putters) and can be done in a straight or dancing style on bumpers.

Paint Fill

The sky is the limit. We pride ourselves in "MAKING IT YOUR OWN", so when it comes to paint fill, we will custom mix to meet your needs and wants.

Swing Dynamics

We also can alter swing weight using a tungsten slurry, lengthen or shorten, and change lie angle or loft.