Putter Armor  $135

Includes all refinishing of minor nicks and scratches, 1 color of armor, and paint fill.


Putter Armor Bi Tone  $150

Includes all refinishing of minor nicks and scratches, 2 colors of armor, and paint fill.


Metal Wood Armor $100

Includes 1 color of Armor, and paint fill.


Shaft Armor  $35

Includes armor shaft (temporarily limited to black, white or gray only).


New Armored Shaft $45 (True Temper)

Stepless straight taper .355 tip (outer), 38 inches

Flared Tip, .382 (inner), 38 inches


Matte Raw  $90

Includes all refinishing of minor nicks and scratches, and paint fill.


Stamping  $30

Includes stamping (only limited to bumpers) up 6 characters per bumper.


Branding Options  $N/A

Email or call us for custom branding options. Wide variety of options so prices vary.

Paint Fill  $45

Includes removal of old paint fill and application of new paint fill.


Tour Package  $60

Our Tour Package includes custom stamping and paint fill of your choice.


Swing Weight  $10

Using a tungsten slurry in tip of shaft or weights in putter (newer camerons).


Loft & Lie  $10

Using mitchell certified equipment (same as tour vans) to adjust lie or loft.


Grip  $N/A

We carry every color of super stroke, pure, and master grips (leather).


Expedite Service $45

Moves you to the front of the line, in house 5 business days (M-F).

If you have any questions regarding pricing or your project, call (888) 815-9289 or send us an email.